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Fashionable and Simple Restaurant Design

Large Canvas Art Oil painting simple fashion restaurant design: a good restaurant design, the need for visual pleasure, otherwise not "beautiful", how "meal"? Need to be concise, clear and easy to clean up, otherwise greasy stains will make housewives headache to the extreme. More importantly, it is necessary to create a warm and gentle atmosphere in which people feel relaxed physically and mentally.

The dining table still continues the plain color that the owner likes, the Extra Large Abstract Painting on the wall and the interesting ornaments on the side cabinet make the whole restaurant vivid.

The overall tone of the dining room continues the essence of the living room, and the green glass cabinet on the wall not only plays a role of reception, but also adds a bright color to the space.

Decorating elegant pattern wallpaper in the restaurant is the best choice to create a harmonious atmosphere. It is only necessary to note that the tone of the whole area should b…

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